Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Style Me... Entrepreneurs

Hi Everyone!

So it has been WAY to long since my sister and I have posted on this here blog *hand slap* and we are so very sorry.

So there have been some changes in my life in the last while and I wanted to update people on my goings on :)

I have just graduated from University! Tada! I am so very smrt ;) So I finished up my degree in Fine Arts and am now in the process of figuring out what I will be when I grow up. While I'm figuring that out I'm taking a year and being an au pair (nanny) for a family in London, England. Which I am so totally excited about. I call them my London family and we've been connecting through email and Skype and I'm just very excited. They seem super nice and I love England. Both my sister and I have lived there for about 6 months each and we both fell in love. I'm not saying I won't miss Canada and be homesick, I probably will, but I will get over that quickly through shopping and tourism.

Ok so this is what is new with me. Now to talk about what is new with US. Us being my sister M and I. So we are go getters and just generally awesome. So we decided that other people should benefit from our awesomeness and even have the option of purchasing it if they so desired. SO we started a small business called Blossom & SweetPea. In this business we have combined some (but not all) of our favourite things. We love fashion. We long accessories. I love sewing. And we love money. (but who doesn't really?) So we took these favourite things (except perhaps the money part, because unless our favourite things about money is not having any, then it doesn't count) and we came up with selling jewelry, hair accessories, and remade vintage clothing. I also added in my laptop sleeves that I had been making before this business too. And that is how we came up with Blossom & SweetPea. We make or remake everything ourselves. We sit for hours at a farmers market and make a pittance. We sell online on And we have a dang good time doing it!

So here are some of our products and if you wish to purchase anything just go to and type in our store name which is Blossom and SweetPea, this is the section that gets you to bracelets, clothing and hair accessories. And if you wish to purchase some lovely laptop sleeves simply go to Etsy again and type in my other store name AnnerBannerDesigns.

So Enjoy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Style Me.... "Lest We Forget"

Today in Canada is Remembrance Day.  A day we take to remember those who have fought to keep our country free.  Today I remember my Grandfather who spent four years of his live fighting for his country and his family.  So today I say Thank you. Not only to my Poppa but to all those who have chosen to sacrifice their lives or give their time to protect us and to help to keep us in a country that is free.  Thank you.